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Mark Sheldon is a Northern California Web Developer who has been building Database Management Systems since 1987, and Internet Systems since 1996, acting as sole or lead developer on projects for clients that include Corporate Clients, Government Agencies, and The Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE). He has worked with the .NET Platform since mid 2001 and adopted it as his primary development platform on its 1.0 release in 2002 More...

What is CAPCE Reporting?CAPCE

Founded by The National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE), The National Registry of EMTs (NREMT), The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and The National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) to promote uniform standards in EMS Continuing Education, The Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) has provided accreditation services for EMS CE since 1992. Those services include review and accreditation of EMS CE Courses and EMS CE Provider programs, along with maintaining a database of those certifications and course completions. To ensure the integrity of the reporting data and also to ensure EMS Providers receive credit for participating in these CE Activities, CAPCE Course Completion Reports are subject to a detailed audit at the time of their submission by the CAPCE approved CE Provider. CAPCE approved CE Providers are required to certify they are able to successfully report these completions as a condition of their accreditation.

Since 2004 we have had the privilege of acting as CAPCE's primary Technical Consultant, building CAPCE's original system and all its subsequent upgrades. There is no one else who knows the CAPCE system better. We have also written the only software package that fully addresses the requirements of the CAPCE reporting process, and is guaranteed to prevent the reporting of non-compliant course completion records.

If you are a CAPCE approved CE Provider, our CAPCE system technical expertise is something you should not be without. To contact us to inquire about our CAPCE Consulting Services, Please click here. For further information regarding our reporting software Please click here.

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